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Email Marketing Campaigns

Our Houston based email marketing experts design email marketing campaigns that will help you find qualified leads. Our experienced staff design both plain text and HTML email newsletters that get opened and read. Each e-Newsletter is branded with your organization’s logo, slogan and in many cases the navigation of your website appears in the email. This makes it very easy for your audience to navigate to the information on your website. The content of our emails encourage readers to take action by selecting the links embedded in the email.

What is HTML email broadcasting?
A colorful artistic communication that elevates your brands and sent to your contacts list is HTML email Broadcasting. Our HTML email designs look like your website. The graphics blend with your website and include product and service images to elevate your brand.

How do website visitors sign up for email newsletters?
Our designers create user friendly sign up forms that are linked from your website. Website visitors can sign-up for one or all of your e-Newsletters. They can opt-out by visiting your website and editing their communication preferences.

List Management
Our email marketing experts upload your initial contact list to your email marketing system. Using the online controls, you can manage your email newsletter contact lists.
Marketing Report
A valuable marketing report is automatically generated for each email broadcast. These reports communicate the rates of opened email, selection of links that are embedded in the email, and number of emails that are forwarded, and many other useful statistics.
Our comprehensive email marketing service includes:
  • E-Newsletter Designs 
  • Custom e-Newsletter sign-up web form 
  • Upload your current contact lists 
  • Powerful List Management Tools 
  • Analytic Reports 
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Why do I need help with E-Mail Marketing?
E-mail marketing is a very low cost method of keeping your brand in front of your customers and leads; however, care must be used before you hit the send button. Our Houston based email marketing professionals can design an e-Newsletter campaign that provide your contacts with useful information. They will suggest frequency and best delivery days for maximum results. They make sure the frequency and content of your email does not cause your readers to opt-out.

Get Connected with our experienced staff today!

How do I get started?
Our Email Marketing professionals are ready to design your email marketing campaign and broadcast your first e-newsletter. Contact them today for a free consultation about how your organization can benefit from email broadcasting.
Call today: Houston Local 281-895-8844 or Toll Free: 888-602-2964


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