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Online Advertising Campaigns

Our Houston based online advertising agency professionals design online advertising campaigns that drive targeted customers to your website.  Our advertising specialists use industry leading tools to design text ads and display ads that attract buyers of your high margin products and services to your website. Their services include the following:

  • Campaign Design 
  • Target Visitors by Geographic Location
  • Target Visitors by Demographics
  • Text Ad Creation
  • Display Ad Creation 
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Houston based online advertising professionals can help you reach your targeted audience. Our online advertising campaigns are designed so that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad to visit your site.

Performance based text ad and display ad campaigns are very cost effective.

Text Ads
Advertisements on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and their network and partner sites are an effective tool to drive traffic to your website.

Display Ads
Ads that capture attention will drive more traffic to your website.


Here are the steps that we take to create your online advertising campaign.

Target your customers.
We limit the campaign by geographic location to prevent unwanted leads outside of your service area. We can also limit a campaign by visitor demographics.

Create your ads.
We author text ads and design display ads that describe your products and services. We select the appropriate sites to display your ads.  

Enter your keywords.
We research and submit keywords and phrases that your customers are likely to use in a search.

Set your budget.
We set your monthly budget and launch the campaign.

After we complete the campaign, we give you a login to monitor your campaign reports. You can turn your campaign on or off and manage your advertising investment. Our service agreement provides you with the cost of set up and monitor your online advertising campaign. 

Is online advertising expensive?
Advertising online is not expensive; in fact our advertising professionals can design campaigns on small budgets that generate substantial returns on advertising investments.
Contact Us for a no obligation discussion of a targeted online advertising campaign.
How do I get started?
Our online advertising professionals in Houston are ready to discuss your campaign.
Call today: Houston Local 281-895-8844 or Toll Free: 888-602-2964
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